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What we do

Retirement-Optimizer maximizes a retiree’s net worth and minimizes their total tax burden. Retirement Optimizer is an advanced computational algorithm that helps you build an effective retirement plan. The internet-based optimization engine performs the complex calculations to identify the best possible plan for retirement in Canada.

Optimized withdrawal strategies

Typical retirement strategies are based on rules of thumb that rarely give you the most bang for your buck. Optimized withdrawal strategies can minimize unnecessary tax payments, maximize your net worth and increase the odds of having adequate money through retirement.

Optimize more than just your withdrawal order. Find the best age to take CPP, OAS, and your RIF/LIF.

Compare different strategies to find something that fits your goals, your priorities, and your risk tolerance.

Comprehensive Reporting

The best retirement plan in the world won't help your client if they can't understand it. Retirement-Optimizer lets you create easy-to-understand reports at the click of a button. Click here to download a sample report.

Holistic withdrawal system

Take into account your various retirement savings plans: RRSP/LIRA/TFSA/Non-Reg/Corporate. Balance the withdrawals between them to create the best possible plan.

Comprehensive retirement spending model

Plan your future after-tax spending by breaking out the amounts you’ll need for everything you want. Inflation-adjust your expected costs year by year. The Retirement Optimizer spending model allows you to break down different spending requirements into different phases of retirement.

Are you single or married? Do you plan on pension splitting? The retirement optimizer model takes into account your household status when building a successful strategy.

Stress-test your retirement plan.

Have confidence in your ability to weather any market condition with sophisticated monte-carlo simulations giving you a precise idea of how likely you are to meet your goals under various scenarios.

Simulate against the Benchmarks

Compare your portfolio’s survivability to historical market conditions. Are you ready for double-digit inflation? Stagnant stock markets? Backtest your portfolios survivability with more than 70 years of market data.

Adjust automatically

How much do you want to leave behind? Are you planning to spend too much? Could you safely spend more? Let our optimization algorithm determine a spending level that’s right for you.